Welcome to Band Wagon!

We are a social campaign bringing to light the tyrannical dangers of film criticism in the progression, exploration and individual enjoyment of the modern film industry! More importantly though,  we aim to raise the importance of citizen opinion within the modern cinematic industry and discuss the disparities between citizen and criticism.

We encourage you to “Don’t Jump, Drive.”

Throughout our campaign, we would like you as a member of society to instead drive your own opinion of a film rather than jump on the bandwagon of film criticism that has seen a superior status within the industry. Often, these tyrannical critics become a wavering guesstimate of your enjoyment and hence evaluate on behalf of society at large, often resulting in the detriment to a much-loved audience film, or leaving your voice either unheard or shallow.

We understand that all humans are subject to their own opinions, but members of the public deserve to freely express and gather their own evaluation, without external critical influence. Better yet, we believe that it is your citizen opinion that should be heard, in order to more accurately and respectively judge the reaction of the general public toward a film, therefore creating an even, fair and respected playing field for all projects within the modern cinematic industry.