#3 Your Opinion, Compared

We here at Band Wagon have been collecting data surrounding citizen and critic opinion within the cinematic industry over the past week, hoping to try and compare and contrast the varying response to film that has arisen in the past 50 years. Looking into a variety of film aggregator’s, we are going to pinpoint Rotten Tomatoes as our medium of statistical discussion, and hopefully allow you, our audience, to come to understand a little more about how underrated your current opinion within the film industry really is.

We found, throughout or exploration, that theguardian UK have conducted a similar eye-opening study, and found their insights quite the useful addition to our own. Theguardian have constructed the following list to justify the top 5 films that were most-loved by citizens and most-hated by critics:

  1. Rad (89 / 0)
  2. Fall (84 / 0)
  3. Only the Strong (77 / 0)
  4. Sparkle (90 / 13)
  5. Scary Movie 5 (79 / 4)


The first numerical value is the official Rotten Tomatoes score for audience rating, following by the comparative critic rating of the same film. It is interesting to note that Malcolm D. Lee’s 2013 film ‘Scary Movie 5’ entails an audience approval rating of 79% as opposed to a critic approval rating of 4%. As theguardian suggests, it has seemingly become history within film that audience’s love the odd spoof-comedy flick, as opposed to the critics that do not often appreciate such meaningless jest. And, despite a critic approval rating of only 4%, ‘Scary Movie 5’ walked away with a profit of $78.4million US to add to it’s $20million budget. This supports the fact that it is perhaps your opinion that matters, regardless of the comparative critic evaluation, as it is you, the masses, that venture out to the box office to see the latest flick. However, in a comparative study, twelve director’s came together for 2013’s ‘Movie 43’ which is a relentlessly jagged comedic skit film that results in a 4% approval rating from critics. Following on, audience evaluation ended up in a similar state, arriving at a mere 23%. As theguardian has stated, “there are those movie’s you’ll just go and see no matter what the critics say,” and as ‘Movie 43’ may suggest, there are also those movies that carry huge critic influence. Then again, Movie 43 resulted in a $32.4million US profit atop it’s $6million US budget. So, in turn, is it really the critics that decide the success of a film, approved or not? Perhaps it’s time that Rotten Tomatoes began changing it’s main aggregator that arises when you google-search their website, from critic percentage, to citizen/audience percentage. Obviously, it is you, your opinion, and your hard-earned cash, that drives this industry anyway.

If you would like to find out more comparative approval ratings between yourself, and the critic next to you, head over to theguardian.


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